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Asking Alexandria

Life Gone Wild EP

CD £9.99

Release Date: 17/01/2011

Discs: 1

On their remix album, Stepped Up and Scratched, ASKING ALEXANDRIA hand the keys over to artists like Celldweller and Borgore as they attempt to take the bands dance-pop touched metalcore out of the mosh pit and onto the dancefloor.

The transplant works surprisingly well, replacing the raw, cathartic heaviness of the original tracks with a moody spaciousness. This moveaway from the brute force approach that ASKING ALEXANDRIA normally uses allows these songs to explore a wider range of tones and emotions.

While this shift away breakdown heaven might be jarring to longtime listeners, those who are willing to stick with it will find Stepped Up and Scratched to be an ultimately satisfying bit of fan service. ~ Gregory Heaney

Disc 1
1. Youth Gone Wild
2. 18 And Life
3. A Single Moment of Sincerity (Bare Re-mix)
4. Not The American Average (Voorny Re-mix)
5. I Was Once, Possibly, Maybe , Perhaps A Cowboy King (Demo)
6. Breathless